AutoCAD Snapping in Layout / Paperspace

Introduction A customer recently called in and complained that his AutoCAD is acting very strange as he cannot access the titleblock information in Paperspace or the Layout when trying to move a piece of text. The problem Looking at the problem we realised that it was not a problem with the selection or move command […]

BIM 360 License Management in Simple English

A common question that arises in most of the discussions we have with prospective customers wanting to use BIM 360 products and services (Team, Docs, Field, Glue, Plan, Layout and Ops) is how the licenses are managed. When thinking about Autodesk BIM 360 products and services one should really split them into three sections when […]

AutoCAD 2018.1 new feature – Named View and Viewport creation.

Most years after the major AutoCAD version has been released in March/April another update of the software was released mid-year. They were called R version eg R1 and R2.  This year Autodesk has released dot versions for instance AutoCAD 2018.1. Usually each release contains service packs and a couple of new features. One of these […]