Revit 2021 – Worksets to Create Analytical Models per Level

When Structural Engineers use Revit to model, they usually have the analytical model in mind. The analytical model is very important to them as they will be using a program like Autodesk Robot to do the structural analysis with. In Revit, the analytical model is quite heavy on system resources, so I would suggest inspecting […]

Revit 2020 Project Level Container – Level Management

“Everything in Revit is a family.” That is pretty much true, as most users will know. Even so, many forget that levels and grids are also families. I recently experimented with keeping a file housing the levels and grids for all the disciplines. And which the BIM Manager has ownership of. In my idealized model, […]

Revit 2020 Collaboration – Using a Project as a Level Container

Because most Revit users operate in a silo, and because they don’t understand or consider the implications of moving a level with respect to the other disciplines, some may consider it prudent to have the BIM manager control the levels instead. Consider the HVAC design. Typically, they would use ceilings as hosts for their diffusers. […]

Revit 2020 Dynamo Toggle Level Bubbles

Revit loves skyscrapers. Isn’t it strange, I wondered, that one must select one level at a time then to be able to toggle the bubbles on and off? Especially in Elevations and sections, this can be a bore. Why not use Dynamo, I said to myself, and where would I find the nodes or the […]

How to get missing Revit Grid or Level lines back

How to get missing Revit Grid or Level lines back A Customer phoned in recently whereby they could not find their grid lines even though they have not switched off the category etc. This is a common issue if the grid or level lines are not stretched to the extents of the model. So, to […]

How to Fix a Revit Family in plan view

A customer sent us an Aluminum folding door family. The problem he had was that the sliding door frame detail are not adequate in floor plan view. I had a look at the family by selecting the Door and clicking ‘Edit Family’ on the ribbon. The frame is actually a 3D sweep item and the […]