Autodesk Collaborate Pro – Use PlanGrid for Sheets

When a BIM supply chain buys into an Autodesk Construction Cloud Build license, they have an option on a license based on the number of sheets they would like to manage. This is important because the mobile app for the platform, PlanGrid Build, works well with sheets, but not so much on the web. Sheets […]

How to evaluate your own network for Autodesk license compliance

How to evaluate your own network for Autodesk license compliance Introduction A customer approached us and asked how they can check their network to see if they are license compliant with regards to Autodesk product usage. Investigation I had a look the internet and found that the Autodesk Inventory Advisor was a tool that some […]

How to fix Autodesk Licensing System Error 1

Introduction We recently had an issue where a customer phoned in with a problem. The problem was that Revit did not start up. It returning an Autodesk Licensing System Error 1 as shown below. Process Upon searching for the solution on the internet I found the following site on the Troubleshooting Page on the Autodesk […]

BIM 360 License Management in Simple English

A common question that arises in most of the discussions we have with prospective customers wanting to use BIM 360 products and services (Team, Docs, Field, Glue, Plan, Layout and Ops) is how the licenses are managed. When thinking about Autodesk BIM 360 products and services one should really split them into three sections when […]

How to install a Autodesk Network License (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2 – Installation of client machine. (for reference the Part 1 of this article is listed here: ) The first step of Part 2 is to download the software. Please use the Autodesk Virtual Agent to download the required software. Remember you can install up to 3 versions back if your product is on […]

How to install a Autodesk Network License (Part 1 of 2)

Firstly, there are many variables when you install a Autodesk network installation . The following process in a nutshell, is the typical one. The installation is broken up into two parts: (1) Installation of the server and (2) Installation of the client. Part 1 – Installation of Server. As the software uses a server for […]

How to ask Lumion developers to reset your Lumion license

As you know Lumion uses a cloud based licensing system whereby the license is hosted in the cloud and the first PC that has the Lumion program installed opens Lumion it pulls the license via the PC’s internet connected to the application. So in other words you need to have internet connection when starting your […]