Autodesk Subscription Software Activations

Activating Autodesk software has come a long way.  In the early days you had the hardware dongle which used to fit on the printer port.  Some software still utilises dongles but they now fit on a USB port. Autodesk software then moved to a software lock which required you to give a request code which […]

Moving from Product Design Suite to Product Design and Manufacturing Collection

So you have been convinced to go the Subscription route and have changed over to the Collection from Product Design Suite (PrDS).  What pitfalls could you encounter? Firstly you will need to create an Autodesk account and assign the user to the software that will be required.  The next hiccup that you might come across […]

How to delete your Autodesk Licensing information.

We recently had a customer contact us and they mentioned that they had issues with activating their Autodesk software. They mentioned that something had gone wrong and the activation could not be completed. I checked their PC using remote tools like Teamviewer and I could also could not activate the software. I suggested that we uninstall […]