DWG File Path Length and Autodesk Collaborate Pro

A critical step to take when adopting Autodesk Collaborate Pro on the Autodesk Construction Cloud is to make the decision to upload all the DWG files that are to be linked to the cloud. If a Revit cloud collaboration file links DWG files stored on a user’s hard drive, then the link does not have […]

Revit 2022 – Concentric Linear Radial dimensions use AutoCAD and Link In

Revit is not great at letting one create concentric radial dimensions between walls. In situations like these, where dimensioning is going to either take too long or not be possible at all, I resort to using AutoCAD and linking the dimensions in. They do not look the same (a bit unprofessional), but at least they […]

No Save Group to Link in Revit Cloud Models

When new users migrate to BIM 360 Cloud Collaboration, they may be surprised that the occasional Revit feature performs differently to the Local Area Network (LAN) based Revit, or it does not exist. It is common for architects to use groups when they start to design a building where rooms or apartments are repeated on […]

Revit Save Part of a Large Model to a Project File for Linking

Revit Save Part of a Large Model to a Project File for Linking Revit Software: Store Designers often only have to work in a small part of a large shopping center. Although the shopping center. might already exist as a Revit file, it is probably deemed too big to be used as a link from […]

Vector PDF to CAD to Revit Elevation

An MEP Engineer (Electrical) with limited resources finds it difficult to meet deadlines when, in addition to designing the Engineering system, they have to model up the architectural model from PDF / CAD Layouts as well. Instead they would like to use the PDF / CAD file in Revit views, especially in Elevations and Sections. […]

How to get an Excel file into Revit

The simplest way is to use AutoCAD as the link between Excel and Revit by first linking the Excel file into AutoCAD and then to link the AutoCAD file into Revit. To do this you can follow the Following process: First create the Excel file. In this case I have used a sample Excel file […]