How to update model geometry and save or load material sets in Lumion 8

Since Lumion 8 has a lot of new functionality there is a general need to understand how to update models in which the geometry has been changed. Another question was how to load and save material sets. In addition to the above, there is now also the advanced ability to create import Variations Control options […]

Lumion 8 Styrofoam Effect

Lumion 8 Styrofoam Effect The Lumion 8 Styrofoam effect is very popular, and after an illuminating discussion, I had with a class today I finally understand why (I am now also a fan). The class consisted of a variety of disciplines but even so, a consensus was reached: the great advantage of the Lumion 8 […]

Lumion 8 Materials – Painted Revit Assigned

Lumion 8 Materials – Painted Revit Assigned How would one go about assigning different materials to different faces of a room with Lumion 8 Materials? Architects and interior designers like to assign different materials and finishes to individual faces of interior rooms. Sometimes this is for effect, a little bit of variation, or because it is […]

TOP NEW FEATURES IN LUMION 8 – 168 new realistic materials

Lumion 168 new realistic materials With 168 new materials available in Lumion 8, including 100 HD materials from Poliigon, you can instantly place your design in a setting you can “feel,” “hear” and vicariously experience. Add city sidewalks and cobblestone streets that are incredible in their realism and texture. Create stunning brutalist structures with new […]