Autodesk Revit 2022 – Vote for Structural Connection Plate Materials Idea

When the visual appearance of a component is considered, the Revit structural connections are not as easy to manipulate as one would expect. Some discussion on the subject can be found in the following post. Essentially there is no way to manage the material of the plates per the type of connection. Each plate […]

Revit 2022 – Vote for Revit Idea: Face Cut Circular Walls to Apply Materials

The existing Revit idea has been archived due to a lack of interest by the Revit community. I have resubmitted the idea and if you thought it would make for a useful inclusion in the future, please vote for the idea so it may be put on the roadmap for the development of Revit. […]

Changing Lumion Material back to default.

Recently a client of ours had a problem whereby they had grass visually showing on the inside of an imported Revit building. See the screenshot below. The customer tried to edit the Concrete Floor material within Lumion but could not get the grass removed. What must have happened was that somehow the client had perhaps […]