Introduction to Frame Generator

The frame generator allows you to easily add and manipulate the ends of a frame that you have created in Inventor.  In this video we showcase how Inventor is able to easily and quickly get you up to speed with the Frame generator which is found in the assembly environment. People, Systems and Businesses Perform […]

Rendering concepts in AutoCAD 3D

One may think that AutoCAD and 3D and rendering are not a good combination.  3DS Max is the poster child for rendering and rightly so, but what if you do not have access to 3DS Max and AutoCAD 3D is your only option. Recently Autodesk included some easy settings for rendering and lights.  If you […]

Autodesk Vault icons – Part 1

So you have just started with Vault and while in different states of checking in and checking out you notice some icons have appeared next to your parts and assemblies…but what does it all mean? This document will help identify what exactly is going on with your files and which state they are in whilst […]

Holey Façade – Shorten Panel

At this stage, we know the size of the panels to a close tolerance and we can treat the families as fixed in width and height (even though they are not generated as such). We now handle the exceptions by generating custom panels and we use the reference panel as a beginning. Use dimensions to […]

Edit your Title Block

The default title block for Inventor is a good start to communicating information about your design but some of the information may not be applicable to the standards in your company. This video will give you a quick start guide on how to edit and replace the information that is displayed when creating your title block

Fusion 360 CAM – Setup operation and WCS

After the completion of the part that you have modelled up either in Fusion 360 or your preferred CAD package you can move over to the manufacturing environment right there in Fusion 360. When setting up the stock to create the part out of you are presented with 3 options. Milling – the process of […]