Trouble Shooting Autodesk Advance Steel 2022 Installation

Troubleshooting installations can be trying. I recently had a case where pretty much everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. I privately called the computer “Murphy” (as in Murphy’s Law). The first trick to be aware of is that you might get the following error. “An error occurred while preparing the installation. Please try […]

Revit 2022 Project Browser Disappears

A strange thing happened to me when I was teaching a Revit course on TeamViewer. I was demonstrating moving the project and properties browsers around the screen and off the screen when suddenly the project browser disappeared completely. Initially, I thought the installation had gone corrupt. Would I need to uninstall and reinstall Revit again? […]

Time Delay on Collaborate Pro File Name Change

An interesting situation occurred last week. A client phoned up to say that a file is taking a long time to process on the Autodesk Cloud. After a bit of discussion, the situation in which the query became necessary became clear. One team had published their Revit Collaboration file. They then renamed the published file […]

Revit 2022 – Using the Family Browser not for Placing Structural Walls

I am in the habit to use the family browser to invoke the placement commands of components. I do this because it is easier for me to select exactly the correct family and type that I want to place. Usually, this works very well. However, when one is modeling in the structural discipline, it is […]

Revit 2022 Groups – Behavior of walls and Doors

I got caught out the other day. I was creating groups for apartment types when I picked up a problem with a door and a wall. You see, what I had done was to add a door to the group, not considering that walls cannot be added to groups after a door that it contains […]

How to Stop Autodesk Desktop App or Autodesk Desktop Connector Services

The Autodesk Desktop App serves a dual purpose. When you are signed in, it is used to verify your Autodesk apps. If you were allocated different software under different usernames (if you were working for two companies, for instance) then you would sign in with the relevant user in the Desktop App first before changing […]

Autodesk Collaborate Pro – Is a Temporary Work-In-Progress Folder even Possible?

Using Autodesk Collaborate pro allows for a well-defined siloed approach to having different companies work together. It is a multilateral approach. BIM Manager A shares a package and BIM Manager B accepts the package. After package acceptance, the files are available for Company B to link into their models. This is a good practice – […]

Customized Autodesk Installations

When you are in the privileged position that you are managing multiple products that are all assigned to your users, then you may consider performing a custom install or a deployment. For more information, please see the Autodesk documentation on Custom Installations. To start the process, open your Autodesk Account. Then go to the “Products […]

AutoCAD Plant 3D and Advance Steel models

When working with AutoCAD Plant 3D, you have the ability to create basic steel structures but they are limited.  One of the software packages that come included if you purchase the AEC collection is Autodesk Advance Steel.  If you haven’t heard of this and you are in the structural game I would highly recommend checking it […]

AutoCAD – Find and Replace

When creating text in AutoCAD you might find yourself at a point where you need to find and replace content that has been created with your text.  This text can reside in blocks, attributes, single linetext or multiline text. There are a few places in AutoCAD where you can find this find and replace. The […]