Christmas – Do not forget the Hardware for your Software

It is that time of year – time to buy yourself some hardware to go with that software. Do yourself a favor, and contact Micrographics so we can offer you the correctly specified computer. Luwayne Solander is our Hardware specialist and can advise you on the different options available at their respective prices, and whether […]

Microsoft Access on BIM 360 Docs

I have been trying out Microsoft programs online and using them in BIM 360 and the web. It makes sense that one should be able to modify cloud files from any terminal so long as one has access to a browser and a license for Microsoft 365.   While common wisdom holds that Excel should be […]

Windows 10 Fails to Find NVIDIA Graphics Drivers

I recently formatted a variety of computers and installed Windows 10 Pro from scratch. The Microsoft Windows Creation Tool was used to create a bootable USB memory stick. Using Diskpart, I cleaned the drives, converted them from MBR to GPT file allocation systems and created a Primary Volume. I love the fact that Windows 10 […]