Revit 2021 LT – Some Limitations for Retail Design

During a recently held BIM for Professionals course held exclusively for a retail bank, I was made aware that some of their designers use the Revit LT suite. To illustrate the usefulness of the platform for their endeavors, I used both Revit and Revit LT to illustrate the differences between them. Clearly Revit LT is […]

Revit LT 2021 – Model a Wall in Place

Can one model Shipping containers in Revit LT and use them for architectural design? This was a question recently posed to me by a client. Would one model the shipping container as a family? No, because then the container cannot host windows and doors or other wall-based components. Model the container as a Revit project […]

Revit LT – Modelling In Place – Workaround

One of the more challenging aspects of Revit LT is the inability to model items in place. I experienced this first hand when modelling up a Restaurant for a prospective client. One may, however, create content in families. This got me thinking: why not create the context needed within the families using 3D exported CAD […]