Autodesk Inventor modelling – Pattern a feature around a coiled path

Shafts and gears are common components in many engineering designs. We are often required to design shafts for mechanical machines that do heavy rotational work, such as those in mines or food processing industries. This, more often than not, requires features or components to be patterned along the length of the shaft. It may not […]

How to update model geometry and save or load material sets in Lumion 8

Since Lumion 8 has a lot of new functionality there is a general need to understand how to update models in which the geometry has been changed. Another question was how to load and save material sets. In addition to the above, there is now also the advanced ability to create import Variations Control options […]

How to export Revit Models to mobile devices using SimLab’s Exporter

The significance of being able to export your Revit Model to an iPad or Android device is that you don’t have to take printed media to site for site meetings but only your tablet. This saves time and money. Firstly I want to mention that a 15 day demo of SimLab IPad/Android Exporter for Revit […]