Inventor Nastran – Mesh Table Settings

When creating your mesh for the first time on different components in an assembly Nastran looks at the parts and puts what it thinks is an appropriate size mesh on.  This might work for some parts as they would be the right size for that size component but for others it might be too small […]

Inventor Nastran – Troubleshooting Meshes

In doing an FEA analysis, the mesh is one of the most important tools in your arsenal.  Too big and it does not give you accurate enough results and too small you will never get an answer out. (takes too long to calculate and you are wasting your time.) If the nodes between your meshes […]

Nastran In CAD – Line Idealization

Of the 3 idealizations or elements that created the line idealization solves the quickest.  It is a 1D element with 6 degrees of freedom.  Line idealizations are used when creating frames.  The best way to do this is create your frames with the frame generator.  This way Nastran will automatically assign a beam idealization to […]

Inventor Nastran – Assemblies, Meshes and accurate solving

This week has been interesting when it comes to Simulating in Nastran IN CAD,( now renamed to Inventor Nastran).  I was helping out with a demonstration and learnt that there could be a few differences between Nastran and other simulation software where Nastran is very strong in getting meshes to line up between assembly parts […]

Critical Buckling Value – Nastran In CAD

Do you need to find out if your product buckles?  Inventor Nastran has the solution to you.  With the new Product Design and Manufacturing Collection Autodesk has included Nastran, a powerful simulation tool which integrates seamlessly into Inventor.  In this video, I will demonstrate the ease at which you can discover the critical buckling value […]

Nastran In CAD – Critical Buckling Value

Nastran In CAD can analyse a system for Buckling.  There are a couple of steps to get your final result but the first step is to find the critical buckling value and compare it to the yield strength of your material.  If it is lower than the yield strength then your part has buckled and […]

Nastran In CAD – Visualize the Results

Once you have Idealized your model (solid,shell or line) you should apply your materials to those idealizations.  To run an analysis you need a combination of loads and constraints to simulate real world attributes of the analysis. An additional function that can be performed with Nastran In CAD is creating virtual connectors (not modelling up […]

Nastran in CAD Model Tree

When opening Nastran In CAD for the first time you might be a bit confused about the model tree.  There are so many diffetent options and some are the same and and and…. In this blog I will try and demystify it a little for you. There are two main sections that we will be […]

Nastran In CAD – Idealization dialog box

The Idealization dialog box has different options depending on which type of idealization you are assigning to your object. In the above image you can see the options that are available for the Solid idealization. Name – Assign a name that you will be able to quickly identify what you are analysing ID – a […]

Nastran in CAD – Idealization

Having access to the Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection gives you access to Nastran in CAD.  Nastran is an acronym formed from NAsa STRucture ANalysis.    Pretty neat hey! If you have used the simulation in Inventor then you should be able to easily navigate to the Nastran interface from within the Inventor environment.  […]