Navisworks 2021 – Insert a Timeline from CSV File

There are many in the industry who use programs other than Autodesk Navisworks to set a timeline for their projects. However, they may very well wish to use Navisworks for the Timeliner simulation and have this in lockstep with their external timeline. The solution to this is relatively simple. In the case where a Datalink […]

Plant 3D to Unity via Navisworks

At the current time, October 2020, there is no way to directly import your model into Unity 3D, We have two main programs that we can use as a middleman, Navisworks or 3Ds Max. In this blog I will demonstrate this, using Navisworks. This is faster and more robust than the 3Ds Max route, though […]

Plant 3D – Using Navisworks for Review

One of the major reasons I use Navisworks on projects, is to communicate design ideas and changes, This is useful as a Navisworks NWD is a fraction of the size of a full plant project and comes with several useful features. If there are any views saved, you can go to the Viewpoint Tab > […]

Autodesk Navisworks 2020 Properties Dependent on Selection Resolution

I don’t have a photographic memory or a lot of patience with myself. Therefore, I was irritated with myself when I forgot about Navisworks and the Selection Resolution setting. Imagine my chagrin when I could not see the Revit Type properties for Revit Structural Columns in the Properties window! I probably wrestled with the issue […]

Autodesk Revit and Navisworks User Interface Control Revision

For some time around 2010 I was heavily interested in programming databases. I used Visual Studio to create my database on SQL server. I then used Microsoft Internet Information Services to create an internet server. All of this was done on my own PC. Critical to my process was the display of data in a […]

Autodesk Navisworks Project Setup None and to Revit

In Navisworks, to set up a quantification standard according to a non-native standard is time-consuming not because it is difficult, but because it is tedious. Standards typically have thousands of items within their classification structure, and each one must be added manually to the Navisworks File. I have looked on the internet to see if […]

Column in Wall: Revit vs Navisworks

While explaining to an Architect that the method they use to model up calls between columns might not be helpful to contractors and quantity surveyors, the question was asked: “If I use join geometry on the wall, would the volume on the wall be different in a Revit schedule and a Navisworks take-off? ” I […]

BIM-Starts with the Owner

At Autodesk University last year, an exercise was done to discover the current state of South Africa with regards to BIM. An interesting piece of information presented itself – the client is missing. Now considering the entire BIM process is built around a response to an Employers Information Request, this is startling! Clearly, we need […]

Model in Revit for Navisworks

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to talk to a Lead Contractor regarding their usage of Navisworks within a construction environment, where he has 90 Construction Managers working under him. They used Revit models to great effect for visualization and to some extent quantification and wielded Navisworks expertly within their realm of responsibility. They […]