Bim360 Trial extended to 30 June and your options after

Introduction A couple of months ago Autodesk has extended some of its product trials to the 30th of June.  This has been a welcome extension as the Bim360 extended trials allowed you to work from home and share your models. Eligible Products There are a couple of products that the extension applied to. The ones […]

Recover AutoCAD File from Automatic File Save Location

For whatever reason, your AutoCAD shuts down before you have a chance to save your work. Do you stand a chance of recovering if the file after the fact? Firstly, try using the recovery manager to see if you can recover the latest version of the file. It should pick up the backup and automatic […]

Revit Schedule Doors for Linked Files with Options

Revit is good at options. You may have some ideas you need to present to a client and these may include options for many things. An option set, for instance, for what the staircase must look like, square or round? At the same time, one may have options sets for other aspects of the design. […]