Create an iLogic form

Utilizing iLogic does not mean that you have to know complicated code.  In this video we will start using iLogic with parameters that have already been created in the modelling process.

Inventor – Linking parameters

Many people are not aware of parameters in Inventor but they utilize these gems every day of their Inventor lives.  Each dimension you enter for both features and sketches makes use of parameters. The trick to parameters is to make it legible to you while working with them.  This is where renaming your parameters come […]

Inventor Parameter Filter Selection

This video showcases how to interrogate an Inventor model’s model and user parameters that have been created for skeletal and ilogic modelling. There are 5 filters to consider Key Non Key Equation Renamed By Features    

How to create a Dynamic block in AutoCAD 2020

I’ve seen many instances where customers have multiple individual blocks with slight differences. What I aim to show in the videos is the process to create an AutoCAD Dynamic Block from scratch. Also to show that you can add parameters into the static block to make it dynamic.

Woodwork for Inventor – Getting Started Part 3

After the panels have been created you also have the function to clone them.  For instance, if you were creating a shelf.  Just click on the clone button and select the face that you would like to offset the shelf from.  You are also able to edit the value of the thickness of the panel.  […]