AutoCAD Plant 3D – Creating a Spec from a Catalog

AutoCAD Plant 3D is a great software package but getting the right components in your pipe runs might not always be there in the box. In South Africa we have a mix of different standards and sadly not all in the catalogs or sample specs that come with the AutoCAD software. If the piping and […]

Autodesk Plant 3D 2022 in Navisworks 2022

I recently uploaded a Plant 3D model into the Autodesk Construction Cloud and brought it into Navisworks. The upload to the cloud resulted in a folder with the name of the project in the root folder of the Project Files region of Docs. This is one of the first things to consider when thinking about […]

Plant 3D – Why we normally use lower detailed models

A common question I get asked is why are the Plant 3D models so simple? Why can’t we just import and use high-quality models, showing all the fittings, connections, and details. The honest answer is that you can do a lot of this but there is a price to pay, Performance. Consider the picture below. […]

Creating a Ladder in AutoCAD Plant 3D

AutoCAD PLant 3D is not only proficient P&ID’s and piping , but also excels in the creation of equipment like pumps and tanks as well as the creation of steel structures to signify the space that the piping will be developed in . In this video we showcase how easy it is to create a […]

Exporting Plant 3D Model into AutoCAD

There is a common issue that people experience in Plant 3D, That is, how do we share CAD models with other people? Especially from Plant 3D to plain, old AutoCAD DWG. If you try open a Plant 3D model in AutoCAD, you will have probably noticed a few issues, mainly missing equipment and elbows. What […]

Plant 3D BIM collaboration project – Part 4 – End user collaboration

The last section in this overview in the BIM 360 is the document management, If you have ever seen or have used Autodesk Vault, you may recognize the system as we go, in a nut shell, it does work in very much the same way as Autodesk vault, though without the local server, This enables […]

Plant 3D BIM collaboration project – Part 2 – BIM 360 Side

In the first blog, we started in Plant 3D and uploaded the project, Before we can do this, we need to create a Project in BIM360.   First go to the address in your favorite web browser to login: Used the Sign In button.                 Enter your […]

Plant 3D BIM collaboration project – Part 1

  With the rise of BIM and collaboration between CAD users from across the globe, It makes running Plant 3D over multiple users a bit of a tricky situation. We used to have to either work on a Single-user SQL Light Database and Frankenstein it over a network to work, Or better yet, use a […]

Updating Spec in Plant 3D

When working in AutoCAD Plant 3D, using a Spec is a great way to automate how your pipes connect.  The spec when added to your project is also available on the tool palette for easy placement of your valves and any other inline equipment you may use.