How to Stop Autodesk Desktop App or Autodesk Desktop Connector Services

The Autodesk Desktop App serves a dual purpose. When you are signed in, it is used to verify your Autodesk apps. If you were allocated different software under different usernames (if you were working for two companies, for instance) then you would sign in with the relevant user in the Desktop App first before changing […]

Reinstalling Collaboration for Revit 2021

The software is not perfect. Sometimes it goes haywire. Now, with the lockdown, many people have been introduced to the joys of working from home. What comes with that for many people is the wonderful world of BIM 360 Design. I have been a proponent of the technology since its inception. It is a great […]

How to reinstall Autodesk Desktop App

Introduction A couple of years ago Autodesk introduced us to the Autodesk Desktop App. At that stage it was called differently but its essentials did the same thing. The main task of the Desktop App is to keep the User informed about updates and new versions of their software.  The Desktop App will only work […]