3DS Max product review

After Autodesk discontinued Showcase, Inventor users were left with a void in their lives as to what software they should use next. One of the reasons is that Inventor’s renderer was not very good (hence using Showcase). Autodesk’s answer to this was to use either VRed or 3DS Max. VRed is a great product. It […]

Do you know if you have 3ds Max Interactive

Did you know that, if you own 3ds Max that you also have access to 3ds Max Interactive? https://area.autodesk.com/blogs/the-3ds-max-blog/get-3ds-max-interactive/ And just what is 3ds Max interactive anyway? http://help.autodesk.com/view/3DSMAX/2018/ENU/?guid=Max_Interactive_Help_about_3ds_max_interactive_html Virtual Reality is in Vogue. Never before has immersing your client in your design been as easy as when you use Revit Live. Doors open and you […]

Using Curtain Lighting Effects in Lumion 7.5

Curtains are some of the best assets an Interior Designer/Architect has to compliment a space. A Change of colour, and the other material properties play a major effect. Lumion has a dedicated curtain library, and two important properties of these materials I the waxiness, and the transparency. Either one or the other may be applied, […]