Reinstalling Collaboration for Revit 2021

The software is not perfect. Sometimes it goes haywire. Now, with the lockdown, many people have been introduced to the joys of working from home. What comes with that for many people is the wonderful world of BIM 360 Design. I have been a proponent of the technology since its inception. It is a great […]

Revit 2018 Extra Content – South African Sections

There is now Revit 2018 South African Steel content! That support’s structural connections! And have a section code! This is great news for Revit 2018 users. South African structural engineers still on previous versions typically use the British Standard to represent our South African Standard as most of the shape codes are similar (the British […]

Revit 2018 – Reinstall Material Libraries

Sometimes the Revit Material Libraries become corrupted. It happened to me twice this year while experiencing crashes after Revit 2018 was just released. Usually one comes aware of this if the materials don’t have access the images that are used for appearances. Instead of uninstalling and reinstalling the entire Revit 2018, rather just repair or […]

Revit 2018 – Material Editor Crash

The new Revit 2018 is, as usual, a great application to use in the AEC space. It may be tempting to start using it immediately, but take note: most users would wait for the first service pack to be released before considering using a new version professionally. This is so as not to be inconvenienced […]

Revit 2018 Link Coordination Model

Revit 2018 has a new link format: Navisworks (what this implies is that even 3rd party vendor models may now be imported into Revit). However I am going to investigate how I can bring a DWG file that is too heavy for my machine to handle into Revit. I have a file that I created […]

Revit 2018 Multi-story Stairs

Firstly, there is only one Revit 2018 stair tool now. Architecture > Circulation > Stair Having created 4 levels slabs are placed on each to represent the floors to which the steps are to be attached. An assembled stair is created between Level 1 and Level 2. A plan and sectional view are used in […]

Revit 2018 MEP – Custom Building and Space Type

Until now MEP engineers have been limited by the building and space types Revit has by default. These are based on American definitions and are not always applicable around the world or in specific situations. Consider a company that manufactures stainless steel kitchen equipment and then designs custom kitchen for franchised restaurant chains. There is […]

Revit 2018 is Here!

I have just downloaded Revit 2018 and I am looking forward to discovering the new functionalities it offers us! That said, It would be prudent to wait for at least the first service pack before adopting in a practice. Typically one would also wait for the Extensions to be released and for the relevant add-ins […]