Revit 2020 Shared Site Coordinates need Common Shared Coordinates First

Revit 2020 and BIM 360 Design does not always work like Revit 2020 does on a Local Area Network. In some cases, if you know how, there is often some way in which the desired result can be achieved. One of these instances is where shares site locations is to be used (one design used […]

Shared Coordinates from Civil 3D Linked Topography

As I show in the video, after I had set up a coordinate system that should have been perfectly aligned to the coordinate system of a Civil 3D file, upon linking in the Topography into the Revit model, there seems to be a difference. I align the coordinate system of Revit with the Imported topography […]

Lock-down with Autodesk BIM 360 Design – Extended Trial

My colleagues and I are convinced there are many compelling reasons why using BIM 360 Design for Revit is a good idea. In a collaborative Covid-19 Lock-down effort between us (we are all isolated in our homes to “flatten the curve”), I am showing you how to go about signing up for the trial and […]

Revit 2020 Project Level Container – Level Management

“Everything in Revit is a family.” That is pretty much true, as most users will know. Even so, many forget that levels and grids are also families. I recently experimented with keeping a file housing the levels and grids for all the disciplines. And which the BIM Manager has ownership of. In my idealized model, […]

Installing Revit 2020 Content After Initial Installation

Especially with new users of Revit, it is common that the incorrect content was downloaded on installation. If you want to use South African metric content, it does not help if one has the English imperial content installed. In the past one had to navigate windows and alter the installation before being able to download […]

Revit and BIM 360 Design lets You Work from Home

For most Architects, there are two licenses of interest that will allow them to move to an office in the cloud and to let their workforce operate from home. BIM 360 Docs If you don’t use central files in a LAN environment as a team then this is the solution for you. BIM 360 Docs […]

Revit 2020 Collaboration – Using a Project as a Level Container

Because most Revit users operate in a silo, and because they don’t understand or consider the implications of moving a level with respect to the other disciplines, some may consider it prudent to have the BIM manager control the levels instead. Consider the HVAC design. Typically, they would use ceilings as hosts for their diffusers. […]

Revit 2020 Family Origin Definition

When creating a family, one can indicate where the family origin is. One must indicate that a reference plane defines the origin. Question is, which reference planes qualify? Reference planes may be drawn at any angle, but only vertical and horizontal reference planes accept the notion of being origin defining. Yes, one may draw a […]

Revit 2020 Rename Guide Grid

Revit Guide Grids are useful to align views on a sheet with. Depending on the size of the sheet and the purpose of the grid, one may define these Guide Grids (System Families) with a certain overall size and a grid spacing. Their power lies in being able to align grids and levels to the […]

Revit 2020 Dynamo Toggle Level Bubbles

Revit loves skyscrapers. Isn’t it strange, I wondered, that one must select one level at a time then to be able to toggle the bubbles on and off? Especially in Elevations and sections, this can be a bore. Why not use Dynamo, I said to myself, and where would I find the nodes or the […]