Can you render, do area calculations and sun studies with Revit LT?

Introduction I recently had been asked a couple of questions in relation to Revit LT features and if you can do certain tasks with Revit LT. The Questions: Can Revit LT do Rendering? The answer is that you cannot do on-PC rendering but you can do Cloud Rendering and Revit 2021 has an enhanced Realistic […]

When should someone use Revit vs Revit LT (…or Suite)

Introduction The purpose of the comparison is to assist you in deciding which of the software products are right for you and your business, however its best to talk to us for advice before making the final decision. Industry overview: Revit is used by the Building industry professionals. They use the software to draw faster […]

Revit LT – Modelling Small Structures

Clearly Revit LT is limited in functionality in comparison to Revit itself. Many of the really useful stuff is simply not there. I would certainly not recommend it to a Structural Engineer who need to model, analyse, create connections or collaborate. I was considering the application to recommend for a manufacturer of greenhouses in the […]

Revit LT – Modelling In Place – Workaround

One of the more challenging aspects of Revit LT is the inability to model items in place. I experienced this first hand when modelling up a Restaurant for a prospective client. One may, however, create content in families. This got me thinking: why not create the context needed within the families using 3D exported CAD […]