How to add roof ridge tile in Revit

With this video we aim to show how you can use the standard fascia roof tool and just with a different profile create a ridge tile for your roof.

How to create a thatch roof in Revit

How to create a thatch roof in Revit To start the tutorial, I created four walls forming a small rectangular building. The next couple of steps will be to create an In Place Conceptual Mass to form the basic roof. Go to the Massing and Site Tab and click the In-Place mass tool. Give the […]

Fixing a Revit roof problem

I recently had a client who had issues with a Revit roof design containing gaps. The existing roof had two slopes creating the gap. Below are screenshots of the gap, both a 3d and a side view. I’m sure there are many solutions, but the first one that sprang to mind was using roof/floor Modify […]