Dimensioning in AutoCAD Paper space and Model space

Have you ever heard water cooler talk about what is better, dimensioning in paper space or model space in AutoCAD.  The fact is that they are both equally efficient, you just need to make sure that the workflow is correct so that you do not have dimension font heights that differ.  They must all be […]

Remove Unused AutoCAD Text Scales

For a lot of people that start using AutoCAD, The following can be a bit irritating…                       Chances are you have probably seen this and wondered what is going on, Is it a bug? A feature? It is actually showing the previous annotation scales of […]

AutoCAD MAterials – Changing scale of materials

The materials that you find in the Autodesk range of software products have a materials browser that is similar across the board.  It looks something like this. Besides the user interface colours it is exactly the same.  The top image is AutoCAD and the below image is Inventor.  The dialog box has the same layout […]

Revit 2022 – Scale Raster Image

It is a common conundrum. One gets a legacy drawing on record with the council, and it turns out to be a raster image that has been scanned or photographed, and now the scale is out and/or the aspect ratio distorted. A raster image or a raster PDF has no embedded vector information, and so […]

Precise scaling of Reference drawings

Have you ever received a drawing in PDF format and had to rescale it to a precise length.

This short video will take you through importing a PDF into AutoCAD and then scaling it appropriately to the 1:1 values that you need to complete the design.

How to change a Revit Fill Pattern Scale

Many Revit users have asked as similar question with regard to how to change the scale of a Revit Fill Pattern. To explain we’ll use and example of a footing and to add a filled region around a footing to display earth fill. Once the Filled Region is added you can see that the Fill […]