Micrographics Vault Exporter

Creating documents for downstream manufacturing processes can be a tedious manual job.  If you are using Vault Professional or Workgroup, this add-in will help automate the process of creating DWFx’s, STEP, PDF’s, DWG’s and DXF’s automatically. The DXF would be a representation of the flat pattern for any sheet metal components that you have created […]

Fusion 360 – Sheet metal over non-uniform planes

Sheet metal capabilities on Autodesk products have improved greatly over the years, and while it is still easier than ever to create standard designs, more complex tasks require clever workarounds to achieve the desired result. One such case is using form modelling workspace to create a sheet metal part that sits on a non-uniform plane […]

DXF flat pattern export – setting up a configuration file

An .ini file is the configuration file that Inventor uses for the export of either a DXF or DWG file.  These files are used in numerous downstream processes. To configure the configuration file for a DXF flat pattern export right click on the flat pattern icon in the browser and select Save Copy As… In […]

Creating sheet metal assemblies in Fusion 360

If you are familiar with the sheet metal workflow in Autodesk Inventor, you’ll know that it is usually not that different from the regular workflow – that is – design parts, make components, and create your assembly. In fact, Inventor offers a single click feature to switch between the sheet metal and solid part *.ipt […]

Fusion 360 Sheetmetal upgrades

Unfolding sheetmetal parts is easy in Fusion 360 if you create the part from scratch as a sheet metal part.  What do you do if you have older files pre-sheetmetal days or even files from Inventor? With the new features released in October 2019 Fusion 360 now allows for unfolding of non sheet metal parts. […]

Fusion 360 – Sheet metal

The Autodesk Fusion 360 development team have teased the community over the last few months with the intention that they would be introducing sheet metal into Fusion 360. There was a limited preview for users and some YouTube videos, which really got me chomping at the bit. Ever since I saw the YouTube videos I […]