Micrographics Vault Exporter

Creating documents for downstream manufacturing processes can be a tedious manual job.  If you are using Vault Professional or Workgroup, this add-in will help automate the process of creating DWFx’s, STEP, PDF’s, DWG’s and DXF’s automatically. The DXF would be a representation of the flat pattern for any sheet metal components that you have created […]

DXF flat pattern export – setting up a configuration file

An .ini file is the configuration file that Inventor uses for the export of either a DXF or DWG file.  These files are used in numerous downstream processes. To configure the configuration file for a DXF flat pattern export right click on the flat pattern icon in the browser and select Save Copy As… In […]

Fusion 360 sheetmetal flange tool

The Fusion 360 flange tool is very versatile.  You can create Fusion 360 sheetmetal with this one tool with either an open or closed profile. In this video I will show you how to quickly create a Fusion 360 sheetmetal part with the flange tool, create a flat pattern and then position it on a 2d […]

Fusion 360 – Sheet metal settings and what is available….so far

The sheet metal rules in Fusion 360 helps control the different sheet metal settings like thickness, bend radius and reliefs.  Fusion 360 comes with a default library of sheetmetal rules.  Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium both in metric and imperial values. The default is steel but you can change it to either one of the […]