Fusion 360 Simulation

A lot has been said of Fusion 360 and that it is the little brother to Inventor, but boy oh boy is this little brother growing up strong and fast.  The FEA or simulation that powers Fusion 360 is the Nastran software just like Inventor but it is ever slightly so different. To start you […]

Fusion 360 – Simplify FEA Model

When creating a Simulation study in Fusion 360 or any FEA (finite element analysis) package you have to consider the time taken to complete the study versus accuracy of the results.  The study is calculated using a mesh and the more mesh elements you have the longer the study will take. One of the tricks […]

Nastran in CAD Model Tree

When opening Nastran In CAD for the first time you might be a bit confused about the model tree.  There are so many diffetent options and some are the same and and and…. In this blog I will try and demystify it a little for you. There are two main sections that we will be […]

Nastran In CAD – Idealization dialog box

The Idealization dialog box has different options depending on which type of idealization you are assigning to your object. In the above image you can see the options that are available for the Solid idealization. Name – Assign a name that you will be able to quickly identify what you are analysing ID – a […]

Nastran In-CAD

Autodesk announced a fabulous addition to the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection, Nastran In-CAD.   One of the advantages of Nastran In-CAD is that it sits inside the software.  That’s correct.  What does this mean to you?  You do not have to export any files from your current CAD package and import it into another FEA […]

Nastran In-CAD – Setting up an analysis

Once the Nastran In-CAD environment has been activated, you need to tell the software what type of analysis you will be performing. First, you can change the name to identify the analysis that you are performing. Whatever gets entered into the Title will appear at the top of the report that gets generated.  Under Type, […]