Copying Inventor Assemblies – Part 1

When using the skeletal modelling technique in any 3D parametric package one needs to be aware of the fact that changing the skeleton part or sketch that is driving the design will change any and all parts, assemblies and drawings still linked to that primary skeleton object.

So you discovered iCopy..what next?

  I recently used iCopy in a project I was undertaking specifically because of the fact that the copies I was making just varied in one size and that change was the height of the object.  All other dimensions were constant. In this instance I was only changing one part but with iCopy you can […]

Inventor iCopy solved my Problem – can it solve yours?

I do not know what is happening this year but the whole world seems to have gone MAD!!  Everyone is busy busy busy and there seems to be no rest for the wicked (or good). I recently worked on a project this week and basically the design we are doing is drainage channels. No problem.  […]