Inventor Text Styles

Design work is not all 3D models and pretty renderings.  To manufacture or build something you need to communicate with your team mates and that is most often delivered in the written word. Once a design is complete the designer needs to deliver views of the model onto a 2D sheet as well as document […]

Installing Vault Data Standards

Keeping house and applying standards to a company can be a daunting task.  This is something the whole world over can attest to.  Having a big design team does make it extremely difficult to maintain your company standards when everyone has their own idea of what a standard should be.

How to export Revit data to Excel for standards and BIM workflow validation

We have come across a free tool that automates the data extraction from Revit. The extracted data could be used to check if users Revit models are within the company standards or conform to the set-up BIM standards. In this blog we’ll go through the process of the data extraction and validation.