How to calculate Structural Member’s weight in Revit

How to calculate Structural Member’s weight in Revit Introduction We recently received a request on how to calculate the weight of structural members in Revit. Research According to the info in the link below Revit cannot provide weight info as the parameters are not added currently. So, you will have to calculate it. There […]

Inventor BOM structure

Managing data in Inventor If you’ve designed a complex product using Autodesk Inventor, chances are you will need to have the data of all the parts, assemblies and purchased components managed and sent to the next department who will need this detailed information to produce the design. This is generally called a BOM (Bill of […]

How to add a set of bolts in Revit

  Introduction I have recently been asked on how to add bolts in Revit. Since Revit 2019 a new set of structural detailing tools have been added to Revit under a new Steel ribbon. One of the tools is the creation of bolts. Preparation As bolts need to join two elements together that in fact […]