Autodesk Civil 3D 2021 – Create and Adjust Flooding Surface

I recently had an interesting question which led to a discussion on how Civil 3D can be used to indicate areas that will be flooded (or not) based on the water being at a specific elevation. From historical data, it is sometimes more accurate to use satellite data to infer the flood line. We start […]

How to get a Civil3D surface into Google Earth to validation its position

I received a request from a civil customer wanting to validate his Civil3D surface to see if the surface that has been created is correct. A suggestion was made to superimpose the newly Civil3D created surface onto Google Earth. Civil3D had such a feature in previous versions but in the last couple of versions its […]

Creating a Civil3D Surface in South Africa

In Autodesk Civil3D you can create surfaces many ways but in the process below I’ll show you one way using a points file. The process below focuses on the workflow. Open a new Civil3D file using the RSA Country template. They country kit comes with Civil3D but you can also install it afterwards. If you […]