Lumion 10 Open Street Map now has Height Maps

Some 3 years ago I wrote about the Lumion Open Street Map feature: Since then some improvements have been made, including one which I am very impressed with: height maps are now integrated into the feature. That means one no longer must upload the height map independently, and that they are aligned with each […]

How to have a fence follow the terrain in Revit

Introduction In this video we will show you how to create a fence that will follow the topography. This is very useful to create boundary walls or fence around your building site. Conclusion Although you could have done this using Site families this method is much more productive. If you want to learn more about […]

Using the Set Location tool in AutoCAD to add a terrain image to your drawing.

If you want to locate your building in the correct location and perhaps want a backdrop image in plan of the surrounding area, then you can use the ‘Set Location” tool as shown. You can follow the steps below. Make sure you have logged into your Autodesk account from within AutoCAD. In the example I […]