Autodesk Vault – Data Standards

If you are utilising either Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional, you will notice in the tools and utilities part of the installation something called Vault data standard.  What is this you might add? Vault data standard is a tool that allows you to populate your metadata such as part number, description, stock number etc.  It […]

Vault – Create Custom Revision Number

Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional has the ability to automatically and manually move the revision number for a part, assembly or drawing to the next stage be it a major or  minor revision bump. To create your own Revision number format and scheme, select Tools, Administration and then Vault Settings. Select the Behaviours Tab and […]

Vault Office Client

When you delve into the world of Autodesk Vault, you have many various options of access. The Designers have full access to edit any and all documents at the Work in Progress stage of the lifecycle. Reviewers have write access to pushing the design along to a Released state or back to a Work in […]

Vault Professional vs Vault Workgroup

Vault is a data management software package that comes bundled with the Autodesk manufacturing products.  The Vault Basic package offers basic data management functionality.  Adding to this functionality is as easy as upgrading to the two bigger siblings of Vault – Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional. Now you might be wondering, what are the differences […]

Vault Copy Design – Part 1

Vault Copy Design in Inventor is very efficient but it does take a bit work upfront to get used to it. To start the Copy Design right click on the assembly that you will be making a copy of and select Copy Design.                 The Copy Design dialog […]