How to set Revit unreferenced sectional view lines to auto hide

How to set Revit unreferenced sectional view lines to auto hide Introduction We have recently received a question on how to hide temporary section lines or section lines which section have not been placed on a sheet. Process Using Revit you would create additional section and section lines through your building to be able to […]

What’s new in Revit 2021 – Real-time realistic Views

Introduction In this video I’ll be showing the new enhancement with regards to Real-time realistic View mode. Conclusion These enhancements allow users to View their model in high quality and the navigation is much faster too. If you would like to learn more about Revit 2021 and other design software you can visit our website […]

How to turn off UCS icons in Revit Views

Introduction I had a request recently that the user sees strange icons in their Revit Views. Problem On closer investigation, these icons look like the UCS icons in AutoCAD that contain X,Y and Z axis.   They started appearing on Plans and Elevations. Looking on a couple of websites I found that after upgrading files […]

AutoCAD Showmotion

AutoCAD Showmotion is little-known tool found in AutoCAD.  The command is found in the navigation toolbar.  It is a tool that allows you to animate a view of an object by giving it a little cinematic flair.  This short video shows what can be done in a short amount of time to animate your objects […]

Revit View Type Creation using Excel with Dynamo and Python

One of the tasks a BIM manager has is to manage view creation at the beginning of a project. I believe this task is most challenging on the Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing side. Consider the following multi-disciplinary project view structure. Clearly, there is multiple floor plan view types and these need to be created for […]

How to Fix a Revit Family in plan view

A customer sent us an Aluminum folding door family. The problem he had was that the sliding door frame detail are not adequate in floor plan view. I had a look at the family by selecting the Door and clicking ‘Edit Family’ on the ribbon. The frame is actually a 3D sweep item and the […]