Experience Virtual Reality at Micrographics

You have been hearing about VR and how it is starting to get it’s grips into your industry but you don’t know where to start and what to do? Visit us at Micrographics and let us show you how. Here are some of the options we offer customers for Architectural and Manufacturing Visualizations: 3ds Max […]

Virtual Reality – My Intro 2

Hold onto your britches it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!!!!! This was my thoughts as I volunteered to try on the HTC Vive headset and go into the great unknown.  So I put on the headset, bumping them over my glasses but finally getting it on nice and snug.  Darkness….no wait I am in an […]

Virtual Reality – My Intro part 1

I was recently in Berlin for the annual Autodesk OTx conference getting very excited about the new features that they were going to show us as the 2018 software had just been released. As I gleaned over what classes to attend I happened to see an Intro to Virtual Reality Class.  Okay I had seen […]