Revit 2022 Groups – Behavior of walls and Doors

I got caught out the other day. I was creating groups for apartment types when I picked up a problem with a door and a wall. You see, what I had done was to add a door to the group, not considering that walls cannot be added to groups after a door that it contains […]

Revit 2022 Detach Walls from Floor to Select Floor Footprint by Tabbing

I often just edit a Revit floor to attach the walls below to the floor. This joins the geometry automatically. When some new walls are added, I just edit the footprint of the floor, change nothing, then exercise the option to attach the walls after edit. The option appears automatically, as shown below. However, recently, […]

How to create a 110mm Revit internal wall used in South Africa.

How to create a 110mm Revit internal wall used in South Africa. Introduction In this video we’ll be showing you how to create an internal wall used in South Africa so that it connects correctly to the external walls. Conclusion There are many methods to create internal walls, but we are just showing the one […]

What”s new in Revit 2021 – Slanted Walls

Introduction In this video I’ll be showing the new features with regards to the new ability for walls to be slanted. Conclusion This new feature allows users to create different wall construction much easier. You could do slanted walls in the past using Mass Models, but this method is much easier and faster. If you […]

Column in Wall: Revit vs Navisworks

While explaining to an Architect that the method they use to model up calls between columns might not be helpful to contractors and quantity surveyors, the question was asked: “If I use join geometry on the wall, would the volume on the wall be different in a Revit schedule and a Navisworks take-off? ” I […]