Woodwork for Inventor V10

Woodwork for Inventor V10 has arrived! This year we have implemented quite a few awesome features including CNC simulator, rotation of multiple textures and many more.

Woodwork for Inventor Assembly Copier

Woodwork for Inventor Assembly Copier Woodwork for Inventor (W4I) has a great copying tool which is available either within the software or as a standalone package.  It allows you to create an assembly model from which you can copy and rename all the parts. If you already have W4I  you access the copier from here. […]

Woodwork for Inventor iBox

The iBox functionality that comes with Woodwork for Inventor allows for a powerful configuration tool.  In the below video I will demonstrate how to create an iBox from scratch.  You can also pair up the iBox functionality with iLogic rules creating an even more powerful tool for quickly creating standard configurations for your Woodworking designs.

Woodwork for Inventor – Getting Started Part 5

Adding materials is a little different to the way that native Inventor adds materials.  Selecting the Woodwork Design tab gives some more options. On the Material assign panel, you can click on either the Assign button, the Laminated board button, the Veneer button or the Edge Band button. You have the option to select a […]

Woodwork for Inventor – Getting Started Part 4

Once you have created your panel mock-up in the skeleton file, you are now ready to create components in an assembly with Inventor. Select the Manage tab on the ribbon and click on Create Components. Select the bodies that you are going to create parts with for the assembly and specify the assembly name as […]

Woodwork for Inventor – Getting Started Part 3

After the panels have been created you also have the function to clone them.  For instance, if you were creating a shelf.  Just click on the clone button and select the face that you would like to offset the shelf from.  You are also able to edit the value of the thickness of the panel.  […]

Woodwork for Inventor – Getting Started Part 2

Once we have created the panels, we need to do a bit of modification on them as you can see that they overlap.  For better visibility of the design, you can turn off the visibility of the skeleton (blue surface).  As you can see there are also options to turn off the visibility of all […]

Woodwork for Inventor update

Micrographics has recently become a reseller for Woodwork for Inventor (W4I). Woodwork for Inventor is an add-on that greatly enhances the capabilities of using Inventor (traditionally a manufacturing software package) as a tool for the furniture industry.  As it is an add-on it allows you to stay within the interface of Inventor making it easier and […]