AutoCAD Plant – Data Manager


Creating data for downstream usage is essential in any design environment. With AutoCAD Plant 3D you have the ability to access the information that resides inside your AutoCAD P&ID elements and extract them for use in Excel. The information that is exported can be manipulated for ease of use as well as for getting exactly what you need without any unnecessary information by hiding or adding columns in the Data Manager.

To access the Data Manager you can right click on the project name in the browser and then select Data Manager or select the Data Manger button in the Project panel on the Home tab.

The Data Manager is a centralised location that allows you to modify the data that resides in the components that you have inserted using the normal text entry or even a copy and paste like you would in Excel. To make your life easier you are able to export the information out to Excel where you can copy and paste more details and thereafter import the additional data back into the Data Manager. This is a great tool to utilise if you as the designer do not have all the information about the project at hand but your colleague might and it would be easier for them to populate the data via excel spreadsheet.

Once imported back into AutoCAD Plant Data Manager you will have the option to accept or reject the changes that have been made. You will also have the option to easily navigate to the component to double check that what you are changing is the correct item. This is done by AutoCAD zooming into the part when you select it in the Data Manager as well as creating a red cloud outline around it.

If you have not started using the Data Manager I would implore you to start ASAP. It will make your life a lot easier when trying to get to the end of those tight deadlines.

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