Upchain and non Autodesk Software


Autodesk is extremely flexible when it comes to working with other CAD software vendors. They have realised that in a working environment not everyone will be using Autodesk software and they have included that in their roll out plans with the manufacturing software they produce. This allows companies that utilise Autodesk software to more easily collaborate and integrate with basically anoyone.

One of the software packages that has been recently introduced is Upchain. Upchain is the new kid on the block for Autodesk. With the advent of work from home many companies have had to find ways to be able to share and collaborate with all their staff in either a remote or hybrid environment. Upchain is a cloud-based product data management and product lifecycle management software all in one which allows both these workflows. Unlike other PDM/PLM packages it is highly configurable, yet straight out-of-the-box workflows assist you to control your processes automatically to your liking as you start.

The CAD integrations out the box for Autodesk include AutoCAD and Inventor. Upchain also allows integration with non Autodesk software such as Solidworks, Catia, Creo as well as Siemens NX.

This is fantastic news if you are looking for an amazing integrated PDM/PLM soiftware package which will allow you the freedom (if working remotely) of not having to setup extra servers and VPN as per your traditional software like Autodesk Vault or Solidworks PDM. Or if you were thinking of hosting it in the cloud you would have to also consider the additional monthly cost of all the data that you would be hosting and that could be very large..and costly.

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