Cloud-based document management & common data environment

Available in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection or stand-alone.



Simplify collaboration and data management with Autodesk Docs. Organize, distribute, and share files with the Autodesk® Docs cloud-based common data environment on the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform.

  • Reduce errors and rework
  • Save time with streamlined review and approval workflows
  • Improve team alignment and project scheduling
Autodesk Docs overview (video: 1:48 min.)


Here’s what you can do with Autodesk Docs.

Design-to-construction connection
Connect teams on the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform, allowing easy transfer of information from design to construction.
Document control
Get the right information into the right hands with structured folders and robust permission tools.
Document approvals
Reduce manual efforts, and automate the review of drawings, models, and documents before publishing and sharing.
Full set of markup tools
Communicate and collaborate with project teams using a full set of markup tools.
Centralized issue tracking
Increase accountability and track and resolve issues from a single centralized list.
Transmittal creation and tracking
Easily create and share transmittals with project teams and track with a full audit trail.
Desktop Connector
Open, save, move, rename, and delete files directly from your desktop with Desktop Connector.
Integrated with AutoCAD & Revit
Integrations with Autodesk tools such as AutoCAD and Revit help streamline workflows and reduce duplication.
2D & 3D support
Seamlessly upload and view 2D drawings and 3D models, so teams have the right information.


Autodesk Docs integrates with other Autodesk software and workflows.

Document management
Store, review, and share project documentation with customized folder structures, version control, file compare, markups, issues, and more.
Architects & Building Engineers
Connect building design workflows in the cloud for teams using Revit, AutoCAD, FormIt, and other tools in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.
Docs for Civil Engineers
Power simplified paperless collaboration for civil engineers with digital markups and issues, audit trails, internal and external sharing, and more.

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