The Micrographics Story

The Micrographics Origin

Micrographics comes from humble
beginnings, and we never forget our roots.

Micrographics was founded in Port Elizabeth as a provider of AutoCAD Software and Training in the Eastern Cape. We sold 20 licenses of AutoCAD that year, each installation requiring 30 floppy disks! The software manuals looked like a set of encyclopaedias!

At Micrographics we want to simplify the implementation and use of CAD Design technologies for all of South Africa. Engineers and Architects want the best and most convenient solutions for their design challenges without breaking the bank or wasting time.

Our uniquely diverse offering of Software, Hardware and Training services addresses every challenge faced today by the Engineering and Architectural industry. From concept to final project delivery, our consulting-driven approach strives to improve our clients’ business bottom lines.


Micrographics' Milestones

Our country-wide expansion begins

Our first branch was opened in Cape Town, which was soon to be followed by branches in Johannesburg and Durban.

Bringing Lumion software solutions to Africa

We signed up as the sole Lumion 3D visualisation solution provider in South Africa and Africa as a whole.

International Technical Services program begins

We now provide technical services to clients in Australia, India, Belgium and other European countries.

Officially partnered with Prokon Software Consultants

We moved to administer Prokon's Autodesk Software and provide Technical services into the Civil and Infrastructural industries across South Africa.

We’re dedicated to our partners, guided by our values and powered by our people. This is the driving force behind our success.


Businesses Trust MGFX


Collective Experience


Locations Nationwide


Tech Partners

Our Mission

To provide software-based, industry-specific solutions to challenges encountered by our customers, using mixed technology to maximise their profits while overcoming obstacles they experience in a commercially competitive environment.

Customers First

We thrive on assisting businesses to perform better. Our aim is to improve either part of, or address entire operational workflows. See our reviews

Thinking Big

We partner with you to provide long term guidance and consulting as you grow -- servicing all your CAD-related technology, deployment & skills development needs.

Team on a Mission

The team at Micrographics is a passionate group of individuals, fully committed to helping our customers and adding value to industry by working together. Join our team.

Scalable Solutions

We’ll engage with you to address isolated challenges you're experiencing and are even better when we assist you throughout your CAD based workflows.

Our Business Model

We action our business model on an international scale, servicing a host of clients from around the world, and at home.

Each quadrant represents a core focus area into which our services are divided. Micrographics originally specialized in CAD software, hardware and technical support, and over the years has branched out into training and consulting, which have now become essential components of our business.

We pride ourselves in having integrated each branch of our business so that we may offer holistic solutions, which deliver maximum value to our clients.

Mgfx is able to service all your CAD needs, from start to finish, while producing industry-leading results.