Melco Slashes Design Time with Autodesk Fusion 360

Melco Engineering saves 40-50% of their time spent on design by bringing in the Micrographics team and implementing Autodesk Fusion 360 software.

Micrographics has been in the fortunate position of working closely with Melco since 2018. We can with great confidence say that our relationship has grown from strength to strength and the workflows put in place continue to yield great results. Two of our Johannesburg based staff, Adrian & Irshad initially spent some time at the Melco factory to familiarise themselves with the current workflow processes in place at Melco. The goal was to identify possible opportunities for improved efficiency that could later be implemented. A few months after implementation, we chatted to Enver Rose, Melco Manager/Supervisor.

What was your initial challenge?

Melco Conveyor Equipment design and model specific components with Inventor. Following which we generate shop detail drawings. The shop detail drawings would be used to remodel the design or component for them to generate a suitable G-code. Based on the order book, and complexity this information transfer would take approximately half a production day, to “line-up” different design and to ensure all machines are loaded. The transfer of data left us exposed to mistakes/errors and high scrap percentages.

What were the project goals set out by Melco?

We had to achieve a system that could take the design from the designer’s screen to the machine, with little to no interference in the process. The solution should ensure the design integrity and improve factory Output.

What was suggested to achieve the desired outcome as per above?

Irshad and Adrian, after spending some time on premises proposed Fusion 360 be the software best suited for the machine shop. Autodesk Fusion 360 was identified as the most suitable solution for our requirements. However, there were concerns around the post processors and machine age. Irshad was a fantastic support during the assessment and investigation, and we were left assured that we had no reason for concern.

Did Melco utilise Micrographics for the implementation of the new software?

Absolutely, Micrographics have been instrumental in the implementation of the newly purchased Fusion software in the Pulley Factory.

What outcomes were achieved post software installation?

Implementation was not without problems, one of our products could not achieve the required design. Autodesk and Irshad have assisted with the solution. We are still busy assessing the times, and scrap, but all evidence shows that the implementation has achieved the required outcomes

Did Micrographics fulfil your skills development requirements to ensure maximum results could be achieved from the new workflow?

Yes, training was provided by Micrographics, we felt this would make sense to keep the product specialist key to implementation and utilisation thus ensuring effective knowledge transfer and adoption of the product.

To ensure that you can avoid situations where you require support urgently, but need to request authorisation creating delays, have you opted for an SLA with micrographics?

No SLA has yet been signed with Micrographics, however any queries are addressed timeously and not having an SLA in place has not “yet” resulted in any significant delays thankfully.

Closing Thoughts

"I am very satisfied with what was achieved in this process. Micrographics, and specifically Irshad have been absolutely fantastic during this process, assisting through problems and finding and researching solutions. I must say as a solution that completely changed a work process that has been in place for more than 10 years, adoption of the Autodesk Fusion 360 was very simple, and the solution well received. I think there could be many more solutions that could add value to our organization. "
~ Enver Rose

If you are seeking these kinds of results and feel that your business can benefit from building a strong relationship with Micrographics, contact us today and let us take your business into the future.