Structural Engineering Software

A software suite with structural analysis, design and detailing programs, as well as BIM tools.


Licensing Structure

Benefits of PROKON’s License Structure:

  • Stand-alone and Network licenses are priced the same
  • License management is made easy with our License Manager
    • Users are registered through their email address
    • Usage logs are kept and can be easily accessed
    • Admins or Managers can determine access and usage
  • Volume discount applies to all license models
  • Single expiry date eliminates contractual difficulties
What's new in PROKON 5.0 (video: 2:54 min.)

Licensing Options

PROKON offers two easy ways to access PROKON software.

Subscription/Rental Licensing
Annual subscriptions are the most commonly used way to access PROKON software. Multi-year subscriptions are available upon request.
Perpetual Licensing
Perpetual licensing is available on individual modules. To benefit from any updates, ensure that your perpetual licenses are maintained.
  1. All support from PROKON will lapse, 4 years after purchase of a perpetual license or the last maintenance.
  2. All up to date or maintained software benefits from basic support.


PROKON has developed software modules in a number of structural engineering categories.

Structural Analysis

Determine the effects of loads on physical structues and their components. Various static and dynamic analysis modes are available.

⦁ Sumo
⦁ Frame
⦁ Plane Stress
⦁ Single Span beam
⦁ Elastic Support Beam

Concrete Design

Design structural concrete components according to international standards. Integrate with PROKON's anaylsis software to post-process results.

⦁ Continuous Beam
⦁ Captain
⦁ Rectangular Slab
⦁ Rectangular Column
⦁ and much more

Steel Design

Design structural steel components according to international standards. Integrate with PROKON's analysis software to post-process results.

⦁ Strut
⦁ Combine
⦁ Crane Beam
⦁ Plate Girder
⦁ and much more

General Design

Design masonry components, calculate section properties, determine wind loads on buildings, and evaluate gutters, each in a separate stand-alone module.

⦁ Prosec
⦁ Wind
⦁ Gutter
⦁ Masonry Section
⦁ and much more

Composite Design

Design composite beams and columns according to Eurocode and other international standards. Both composite ccolumns and beams are supported.

⦁ Beam Section
⦁ Continuous Beam
⦁ Filled Column
⦁ Encased Column

Geotechnical Design

Simplified slope stability analysis, bearing capacity calculations, rock mechanics and pile design for structural engineers.

⦁ Bishop Slope
⦁ Non-Circular Slip
⦁ Wedge Analysis
⦁ Rock Slope
⦁ and much more

Structural Integration

Choose from a variety of add-in for Autodesk Revit and Advance Steel that will speed up your workflow.

⦁ Prodesk
⦁ Prodesk Steel
⦁ Batch File Upgrader
⦁ Water Mark
⦁ and much more


Create concrete reinforcement layouts and generate bending schedules in AutoCAD or in PROKON’s full-featured CAD program.

⦁ Padds
⦁ Probar 2D

Civil Integration

Pressure-pipe network calculations based on EPANET in Civil 3D.

⦁ Pronet

License Manager

Optimizing how PROKON software is used by its users. Providing a streamlined approach to license security and flexibility.

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