Business Consulting

MGFX’s consulting team assists with saving time and resources, so that your business can thrive.

Understanding Your Business

We consult with companies in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction and infrastructure.

We engage with our clients to provide expert advice to professionals, to ensure they are able to maximise their relevant output, irrespective of their CAD Engineering discipline. This extends to affected stakeholders within the Build and Manufacturing industries where data-creation, manipulation and sharing is critical to their business processes. We aim to improve:
  • CAD user skills to work more efficiently
  • CAD design environments with relevant hardware solutions
  • Choice & config. of CAD/CAM software for required application
  • Data management throughout company workflows & processes
With our BIM Consulting and Advanced Manufacturing consulting and services, we’re ideally suited to advise and guide our clients to ensure they perform better.

Industry Experts

Working with over 2000 active clients across all disciplines ensures we’re able to address any challenges our clients present to us.

Historical Insights

We've remained true to our core CAD expertise for over 30 years, affording us a wealth of industry knowledge to draw from when providing solutions.

Proven Results

For many years, we've shown strong growth in our capability set & addressed client base, resulting in the highest client retention rate in Africa.

Our Specialist
Business Solutions

BIM Consulting

Technology aside, effective BIM implementation requires a deep understanding of the BIM philosophy in order to ensure fit-for-purpose deployment. We approach BIM in the following way:
  • A business process for generating & leveraging data to design, construct & operate the building during its lifespan
  • A resultant digital prototype of a project which holds selected structured data about the asset
  • The organisation & control of the business process using the digital prototype to effect the sharing of information over the entire lifecycle of the asset
Success for our clients can take the form of improved workflows or wholesale changes to the design-for-build process, incorporating manufacturing stakeholders.

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