Jendamark Finds Success with Autodesk Fusion 360

Jendamark reduces programming time by approximately 25%, reduces scrap rate to roughly 0.6% and increases machine run time to 90% with Autodesk Fusion Software & Micrographics.

Micrographics has been fortunate to have built a strong relationship with Jendamark over the years. Jendamark recently completed the task of exploring and implementing Fusion 360 into their workflow and we chatted to Marinus Van Rooyen, Jendamark’s Manufacturing and assembly manager about the processes they followed in achieving such impressive outcomes.

What was the initial challenge that you faced? What were the primary opportunities that were discovered? Also, What were your project goals, describe the priority outcomes and process improvements desired?

“Jendamark was exploring alternative options of programming software in our Machine Shop. The main areas requiring improvement that they were wanting to address were:

    • To improve (CAM) programming time – by simplifying programming
    • To reduce the cost (initial capital outlay and subscription services) of programming software
    • To obtain reliable local program support and training”

Jendamark achieved their set goals by amounts greater than their initial plan. How did you achieve this?!

“The direct benefits associated with the choice of Fusion 360 I listed below:

    a. Fusion 360 Software: Strong Cam and Design features (Edit and design new models with ease)
    b. Local Training (Hands on Training makes it much easier than reading books)
    c. Local Support (exceptional support)
    d. User friendly (easy to understand and operate)
    e. Auto updates (always have the latest software, bugs fixed on a regular)
    f. Saving on the cloud (easy access from anywhere)
    g. Cost effective in comparison with competitors”

What are the Autodesk Solutions that you were utilising Prior to Fusion 360 coming on board and what made you select this option?

“As Jendamark, was already utilizing Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk fusion was a logical option to pursue due to our familiarity with:

    • Autodesk software
    • Possible integration between native Inventor data and Fusion 360
    • Customer service and support offered by MGFX”

Autodesk Fusion 360 top Features:


Manufacture with 2.5, 3, 4, and 5-axis milling, probing, turning, mill-turning, and profiling operations paired with a powerful post engine included alongside professional design tools


Remove the silos from your design process and utilize a modern collaboration environment. Connect your teams and external stakeholders, and centralize project activity.

Generative Design

Explore multiple manufacturing-ready outcomes that meet your design specifications while reducing weight, improving performance, and consolidating parts.


Test your designs to ensure they will survive real world conditions. Simulate your products digitally, reducing the cost of prototyping by using fully-validated solvers.

Additive Manufacturing

Quickly create physical prototypes to validate prior to manufacturing, build 3D printed parts and connect to a library of 3D printing machines.

Fusion 360 extensions

Access advanced design and manufacturing technology with flexible purchasing options to leverage tools specific to your business needs.


Communicate your designs to internal or external stakeholders with 2D manufacturing drawings, renderings, and animations.

Data management

Gain more control by leveraging managed user permissions, version control, and cloud storage.

Jendamark on Training

Jendamark has partnered with Micrgraphics for training purposes, Micrographics has branches in all major centres across the country for ease of access. Micrographics is also able offer training to suit every need with the offering of in-class, online or self-paced study. Jendamark has focussed predominantly on Inventor & Fusion training. Jendamark has exceptionally high standards and often send their students for a second training course after a couple of months of on site experience, this ensures that the new staff have in fact had practical experience and can apply the theory far better in the second course.

Jendamark on Support

Jendamark has signed an SLA with Micrographics ensuring that we have an open flow of constant communication and support. As with any big software change, a decent amount of foregoing assessments had to be done before deciding on an alternative. Main factors considered were cost, integration from old to new, training and on-going support. From the onset, MGFX was involve to assist and guide us through the whole transition process. Apart from “How to use” the software, a big change of mind-set was the move to store programming data on a cloud system and not on conventional storage space. Foreign for a machine shop environment where we are use to touch and feel how and what we do.

The “How to use” was also simplified with focused training sessions and relevant training material. Having dealt with MGFX for many years, I was confident in knowing that MGFX knew our business and understood our technical requirements. On site visits by MGFX was also a big help to get the team going and the support given by MGFX also proved to my machine shop team that MGFX was no just a re-seller of software. They were and still is an integral part of the overall product delivered. Further development is on-going as our machine shop environment evolves and machining requirements change.

Closing Thoughts

With the optimization of manufacturing processes and with the implementation of Fusion 360 in our machine shop, we achieved some of the following targets:

• We’ve reduced programming time by roughly 20-25%
• Our scrap rate is at its lowest ever, at roughly 0.6%
• Our machine run times relative to dedicated time is on average 85-90%

The Implementation of Fusion 360 into the JMK manufacturing environment was made simple and easy with the support of MGFX. At JMK we are not looking for suppliers. We are looking for partners who will stand with JMK through the good and the bad. Partners who keep us on the front foot with new developments in technologies and offerings. I see MGFX as such a partner in our business.

If you are seeking these kinds of results and feel that your business can benefit from building a strong relationship with Micrographics, contact us today and let us take your business into the future.