Fusion Machining Extension

Unlock access to additional CAM capabilities inside Fusion



The Fusion Machining Extension is a cost option that unlocks additional CAM capabilities inside Fusion including automated 3+2 machining, 4- and 5-axis simultaneous machining, toolpath modifications, surface inspection, and more.

It allows you to make better use of your 5-axis CNC machinery and to produce higher quality parts. Choose from a range of flexible payment options to best suit your business needs.

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Fusion Machining Extension overview (video: 0:53 min.)


Take a look at why you should consider the Fusion Machining Extension.

Simplify and automate CAM

Automate your CNC machining workflows to reduce programming time, remove repetitive tasks, and reduce errors.

Produce better quality parts

Unlock advanced machining strategies to improve the performance of your CNC machines and produce higher-quality parts.

Avoid overpriced software

Get flexible access to advanced CAM technology when and where you need it. Unlock innovative technology that pays for itself in weeks.

Extension Features

Learn about the key technologies included in the Machining Extension.

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Programming Automation

Simplify and speed up the production of milling and drilling programs with intelligent toolpaths capable of safely and efficiently processing entire parts.

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4- & 5-axis Simultaneous

Improve surface finish, use fewer part setups, and increase cycle efficiency with advanced 4- and 5-axis simultaneous toolpaths. Machine complex parts safely with automatic collision avoidance.

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Toolpath Modifications

Speed up CAM programming with powerful toolpath modification tools. Make rapid edits to toolpaths without wasteful recalculations, to start machining sooner and deliver parts faster.

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Part Inspection

Use CAD-based probing and spindle mounted probes to measure and improve the accuracy of your CNC machining. Intelligent part alignment helps save time and produce better quality parts.

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