What's New

Discover the newest features in Civil 3D® civil engineering design software. Note: Some features of Civil 3D are available only through the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection.

Grading Optimization

Automate complex and tedious site grading processes. Optimize terrain surface and 3D geometry for further design.

Connected alignments

Experience greater control when designing complex interchanges with expanded geometric options and more.

Project Explorer pressure network support

Use the pressure network tab in Project Explorer to select gravity pipe runs.

Previous Releases

Project Explorer for Civil 3D

Explore and share design information in your Civil 3D model with an intuitive tool for review and reporting.

Collaboration for Civil 3D

Process more file types faster and easily navigate the project with cloud-based Collaboration for Civil 3D.

Bridge object support

Assign layers for bridge generic-object subtypes and configure layers for an existing bridge.

Connector for ArcGIS

Enjoy geometry upgrades, edit and save back features, and more enhancements to the Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS.

Pressure pipe networks

Do more with new capabilities for pressure pipe networks, like snap specific angles, snap to a pipe, and add PVI bends.

Rail profile view bands

Create new settings, input additional profile band information, and revise cant data based on your rail project needs.

Dynamo Player

Easily locate and run Dynamo scripts directly in Civil 3D. Create and share scripts for design automation tasks.

Pressure network

Enjoy greater design flexibility and efficiency with pressure pipe layout and editing.

Bridge design interoperability

Link your bridge model between InfraWorks and Civil 3D.

Connector for ArcGIS

Bring ArcGIS data into your Civil 3D drawings, update features as needed, then save back or publish that data for use in ArcGIS.

Dynamo for Civil 3D

Use Dynamo for programming and design automation. Define scripts and routines in a visual environment to design and expedite workflows.

Rail and centerline export

Generate rail lines based on specified tolerance or interval and that dynamically adjust to modifications to the parent rail alignment, profile, and cant.

Storm and sanitary analysis

Set individual tailwater conditions for each designed storm, use dimensionless Hydrographs per sub-basin, and use new storage chambers by ADS.

Gravity network analysis

Use the updated Analyze Gravity Network dialog to analyze a pipe network and apply the results.

BIM 360 File Locking for AutoCAD

Automatically lock and unlock for DWG and DWT files that are stored in BIM 360 when they are opened in AutoCAD.

More Features

Surface modeling

Point clouds

Use and display point cloud data.

Surfaces from point cloud data

Create TIN surfaces from cloud data.

Design surface creation

Use tools to create dynamic surfaces.

Site and survey

Relative elevation feature lines

Obtain feature lines so feature lines update with changes to a surface.


Terrain models for grading.

Parcel design

Automated parcel design tools.

Corridor modeling

Corridor design

Tools for corridor modeling.

Advanced roundabout design

New roundabout designs into Civil 3D.

Extract feature line workflow

Easily extract multiple feature lines.

Storm and sanitary

Gravity pipe networks

Tools for sanitary and storm drainage systems.

Storm & Sanitary Analysis software

Dynamic models enable stormwater management.

Analyze gravity networks

Measure pipes and inverts to HEC-22 2009 standards.

Plan production and documentation

Plan and profile sheet generation

Create plan/plan/profile sheets by including multiple plan or profile views on a single sheet.

QTO and earthwork calculations

Extract and report material volumes and analyze quantities from materials and sectional or profile information.

Construction documentation

Generate annotated production plans.


Corridor data shortcut (DREF)

Create and share data shortcuts for corridors.

3ds Max interoperability

Create professional-quality visualizations.

IFC import and export

Import and export AutoCAD solids to IFC files.

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