Fusion 360 Manage with Upchain


Key Features

Multi-CAD data management

Design, share, and manage data regardless of CAD file type to enable seamless collaboration

Centralized data and processes

Minimize time-consuming activities such as data entry, emails, meetings, and searching for information

Mobile access

Review designs, see BOM items, change lifecycle states, and more–all from your mobile device

Open API

Extend the value of your data by integrating Autodesk PLM with enterprise systems like ERP and CRM

Design collaboration and review

Easily share real-time data and gather feedback via markup and comments without needing CAD licenses

New product introduction

Configure project templates and standardize phase-gate milestones, deliverables, and tasks

Product portfolio management

Build competitive product portfolios with integrated change management and product development tracking

Bill of materials

Centrally manage and share BOMs, ensuring stakeholders are working with the most up-to-date information

Change management

Get a clear view of the details you need to submit, track, and approve change requests and change orders

Quality management

Automate quality workflows, track and record changes, and analyze quality metrics to prevent issues

Supplier collaboration

Give stakeholders real-time access to the data they need for quoting, procurement, and product development

Dashboards and KPIs

Create personalized, graphically rich dashboards and reports to monitor key metrics and trends

What's New?

Corridor design tools

Create dynamic and data-rich corridor models for highways and roads. Build rail track corridor models, incorporating designs for switches, turnouts, and cant calculations.

Export corridor data

Extract corridor feature lines for creating grading objects or other design projects. Extracting feature lines can be done all at once, selected one-by-one, or by selecting a subset in a corridor region or a polygon.

Assemblies and subassemblies

Efficiently use assemblies and subassemblies to establish the basic building blocks of a roadway or other alignment-based design.

Advanced roundabout design

Model roundabouts according to defined standards. Build your roundabouts into existing corridor models, enabling your design to update automatically when you make changes to the corridor alignments.

Intersections and roundabouts

Create dynamic 3-way, 4-way, or roundabout intersections.

Data Management

Multi-CAD integration

Share and manage data regardless of CAD file type with CAD plugins that keep teams working in the CAD and business tools they already know.

Centralized data

Manage all file types and any information related to a product in one organized system, including documents, spreadsheets, images, PDFs, engineering data, and associated metadata.

Automated part numbering

Automatically number parts with a configurable parts identifier system to suit your business.

Standardized workflows​

Provide CAD administrators with customizable tools to help enforce organizational standards on data creation, review, and release processes, as well as industry standards.

Design collaboration & review

Share real-time data with context of design intention and gather feedback easily via markup and comments without assigning CAD licenses.

Automated revision control

Quickly find and reuse files, track revisions, and automatically capture the complete history of your changes as you work in your favorite design tool.

Process Management

New product introduction

Include 3D dimensions, annotations, and dimensional tolerances directly to your 3D model for downstream applications.

Bill of materials

Choose from standard and customizable content libraries, including beams, bolted connections, gears, cams, belts, and springs.

Change management

Further optimize your designs with tools that help you find high and low concentrations of stress in your 3D model.

Quality management
Better prepare your designs for manufacturing with the new mark command, updates to sheet metal export, and support for dimensional tolerances in additional features.
Supplier collaboration

Gain more control of your bill of material and manage tolerances. Enhancements also include performance and productivity improvements for graphics and large assemblies.

Product portfolio management

Build a competitive product portfolio consisting of product lines, categories, and product variants with integrated change management and new product development tracking processes.


Dashboards and KPIs

Monitor product development progress in real-time using graphically rich dashboards that help you spot issues and prevent delays before they happen. Export status reports quickly with a single click for no-hassle status updates.​

Visual configuration editor

Get started fast with an easy-to-use configuration editor that gives you tailored workflows without custom coding.

Modular capabilities without modular costs

Choose which capabilities to use from a collection of core PLM apps and dozens of specialized processes that are all included at no extra cost.

Mobile access

Work with product data on your mobile device to review designs, see bill of material items, change lifecycle states, and create and participate in change orders.


Custom integrations

Program custom solutions with a powerful set of APIs built specifically to execute programmable services via the web and build connections using other enterprise application interfaces.

Multi-CAD integration

Share and manage data regardless of CAD file type with CAD plugins that keep teams working in the CAD and business tools they already know.

Enterprise system integrations

Extend the value of your data across departments by integrating Autodesk PLM with upstream or downstream enterprise systems such as ERP.

Have Questions About Complex Applications?

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