Fusion For Machinists

Make quality parts faster with integrated 3D CAD/CAM software for machinists

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Manufacturing has changed. So should your CAD/CAM software. Start machining with integrated CAD/CAM today and see improved results:

  • Reduce your time to market by 60% with one CAD/CAM solution.
  • Cut costs in half by reducing cycle times and unnecessary hours spent.
  • Create toolpaths twice as quickly and start machining faster.
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Take a look at the benefits of machining with Fusion.

Get to machining faster
Quickly import designs with the largest set of CAD data translators for 50+ different file types. Edit existing features or model fixtures with a truly integrated CAD/CAM platform.
Generate toolpaths in minutes
Quickly create multiple design iterations. Fusion’s flexible software enables you to design effortlessly.
CAD/CAM at a fraction of the cost
Stretch your budget further by eliminating costly, disparate CAD/CAM tools with one integrated solution.

Features for Machinists

Learn about the key technologies for machinists included in Fusion.

2D & 2.5D machining
Set up jobs and create 2D and 2.5D toolpaths to drive CNC routers, mills, water jet cutters, laser cutters, and more. Integrated CAD simplifies design revisions, reduces programming times, and helps avoid mistakes.
3-axis machining
Create high-quality NC code using powerful 3-axis machining strategies. Rough and finish your 3D parts with intuitive workflows. Add the Fusion Machining Extension and program individual features or entire parts.
Multi-axis positional machining
3+1 and 3+2 (positional) machining lets you machine parts with fewer setups. Use shorter, more rigid cutting tools to improve part accuracy and faster cycle times. Add more multi-axis capabilities with Fusion Machining Extension.
5-axis simultaneous milling
Use specialized 4 and 5-axis toolpaths to achieve superior surface finish. Get more controls with the Fusion Machining Extension. Automatic collision avoidance will help you achieve safe, smooth, and predictable machine motion.
Program 2D turned parts using a suite of dedicated turning strategies. Verify your turning toolpaths with stock simulation. Identify errors or collisions with the model, stock, tools, and workholding.
Produce more complex parts by combining milling and turning operations. Generate NC code for multi-tasking hardware, capable of supporting both styles of machining.
Setup probing
Use spindle-mounted touch probes to monitor and control your CNC machining. Save more time by automating part setup with the Fusion Machining Extension. Measure stock material, update work offsets, track quality, and more.
Fusion Machining Extension
Access the Machining Extension to unlock added capabilities in Fusion. Automate 3+2 machining, 4- and 5-axis simultaneous machining operations. Simplify toolpath modifications, surface inspection, part alignment and more.

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