Revit vs Revit LT

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Compare the features of Revit and Revit LT, and learn which BIM software is the right solution for your design workflow.

Revit LT



Architectural modeling

Walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, columns

Component families: doors, windows, etc.

Design options

Rooms and areas

Site modeling

Stairs and ramps


Massing studies

Structural walls, floor slab

Structural foundation wall and Isolated

Structural columns, beams, and braces

Slanted columns


Steel connections

Reinforcement, rebar modeling

HVAC duct systems

Mechanical equipment

Piping and plumbing systems

Fabrication parts

Electrical and lighting systems



Create groups for repeating elements

Family editor environment

Send Revit content to FormIt Pro

In-place modeling

Shaped edited floors and roofs

Global parameters

Conceptual massing, adaptive components

Cloud Models for Revit

Worksharing (multiuser environment)

Interference check, copy/monitor

Shared coordinates among projects

Revit Server

Shared view

Area analysis

Route analysis

MEP systems analysis

Energy Optimization for Revit

Lighting Analysis with Autodesk Rendering

Solar analysis

Sun and shadow studies

Structural analytical model

Structural analysis results exploration​

Structural analysis

Sketchy lines

Shadows and ambient shadows

Architectural depth cueing

Displaced elements

Realistic view styles

Orthographic, perspective, walk-throughs

Smooth lines with anti-aliasing

Occlusion culling

Cloud rendering

Photorealistic materials

In product rendering


Automate updates and notifications

Includes service packs, updates

Certified hardware support

Available dedicated phone support

Extensive user community

Guides, tutorials, and training center

Access to releases from prior years

Customize installs for your company

Network deployment

Customize menu, ribbon interfaces

Context-sensitive ribbons

Family library

Edit, print logical drawing sets

Load Autodesk Family browser

Tailored user experience

2D detail lines, 2D detail components

Revision tracking

Dimensioning, tagging, annotation, text


Schedules, material takeoff

Rebar shape images

Embedded schedules

Panel schedules

Duct and pipe pressure loss reports

View filters

Graphical column schedules

DWG, DXF file format




Walk-throughs and images, FBX, NWC

Room/Area reports, schedules

Linked Rhino 3DM and FormIt AXM files

Import, export PDFs

DGN, SketchUp, DWF markup

Point clouds

SAT, ADSK, gbXML, ODBC, family types

Open, edit all Revit file types

Link Revit files

Tag and schedule elements in linked files

Copy/paste elements from links

Customize visibility of linked models

Work with non-native data

Generative Design in Revit

Autodesk App Store access

Software developer kit (SDK)

3rd party API add-ins


Dynamo for Revit

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